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The Childhood of Walter Elias Disney

Nereide Santa Rosa


Walt Disney went from a creative and happy child to one of the most influential entrepreneurs and artists of this century. This book tells the journey of how the boy became the man in a light, fun way for all to enjoy. Available in print and ebook form at Amazon.

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Sem Palavras

Beti Rozen e Peter Hays


Ilustrações: Daniel Azulay

Tentando se adaptar à sua nova vida nos Estados Unidos, um garoto brasileiro confia em seu talento para desenhar e fazer importantes descobertas.

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The Destiny of the Wolves

Paola Giometti

At a time when most men have lost their instinctive ability to understand animals,Kushi, the leader of a pack of wolves, has a vision of her forefathers. They show her scenes from the future: the consequences of a bond between men and wolves. In a quest for answers, she and her friends set off on a dangerous journey through frozen mountains. What will be… the destiny of the wolves?

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The Princess and The Mirror

Isabel Cintra

When the desire for extreme beauty tries to overcome love and vanity becomes the most precious asset, a sweet and very wise fairy appears to turn everything into harmony again. A beautiful fairy tale about kings, queens, princesses, with lots of magic and so much to teach us!

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The Great Little Tailor

Isabel Cintra

There was a small and humble village on the outskirts of King Raidar’s castle. A place where Jafar and little Akin built their simple home. Life was hard for father and son until the great and unique opportunity of their lives suddenly appears. With a heart full of hope, Akin will teach his father that it takes courage and optimism to face life’s challenges!

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The Ghost of the Torn Underpants

Isabel Ricardo

The Ghost of the Torn Underpants is a very entertaining book about a playful ghost, who tore his underpants, becoming forever called: The Ghost of the Torn Underpants. Aimed at children from 3 to 10 years old, this story amuses and, at the same time, teaches kids that we are all different, but all the same. So let’s have fun together!

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The Space Boy: The story of the first Brazilian astronaut

Christiane Correa e Marcos Pontes


Hello, little friends and young people of the future! My name is Marcos Pontes, and I am the first Brazilian Astronaut. Along with the illustrated pages of this book, Aunt Christiane will tell you all about the story of my life: the dreams, the struggles, the difficulties, my accomplishments, and the challenges I met. It’s not easy to be successful in life, but it’s perfectly possible.

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My Little Big World – Meu Pequeno Grande Mundo

Renata da Costa

English and Portuguese

Meu Pequeno Grande Mundo é uma obra infantil criada para ajudar famílias e amigos de crianças autistas a entenderem seus comportamentos. Escrito em inglês e português, o objetivo desse livro é ser acessível a todos que convivem com uma criança autista.

My Little Big World is a book aimed at promoting a better understanding of the behaviors of autistic children in an accessible and fun way. Written both in English and Portuguese, this book aims to educate friends, family, and those around an autistic child.

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